Our Youth and Nation

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“Students/youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow” says Subash Chander Bose, “the progress of nation doesn’t lie in her economic resources but it mainly consists in her educated and enlightened youth” maintains Swami Viveka Nanda. What beautiful dreams and expectations had our political stalwarts nourished in their eyes? What thought they had about the young blood of their country? Alas! Our young and energetic minds has never peeped into history of their nation and never bothered to conserve the cultural heritage, political and diplomatic chastity and intellectual matchlessness. 

Why has a young boy of country forgotten that Gandhi Ji was 26th only when he stood up against the British imperialism, Maulana Azad was just 28th when he opened his mouth against the mightiest Britishers, Rabindranath Tagore was almost early mid twenties when he moved his pen, mightier then any sword of the world, and Nehru was also quite a young boy who thought like a mature statesman, diplomat and a true freedom fighter? Similarly almost all the great souls where no more than 30 years of age when they flexed their muscles against the English power in India. They realised their duties well and were the people seethed of the nationalists zeal and zest. 

A youth is as important to the nation as is the blood to the body of living being but it is something that inflicts severe wounds on the heart and mind of sincere nationalist is the growing negligence, and awakening about the day to day going on in the world. He/she can think beautiful. He/she can do the thing marvelously. So much that he/she do even impossible for his/her nation and the well being of humanity. The mental reflexes as Indian youth are matchless indeed. Let me go a step further to say that today’s youth of our country is more intelligent than yesterday’s Nehru, Azad and Gandhi Ji but the difference is that our modern youth man, despite having all the best qualities head and heart, is not ready to do anything at all. 

He watch the worst happening to his problem laden soil but doesn’t bother to come forward to escort his motherland to the place of safety. The enemies have joined hands together to non plus the peaceful scenario of the country simple because they know that Indian youth is intelligent and strong but ineffective and non concerned.